Aneeta & Manmeet

What can we say about Aditya and Rashi they are your quintessential go to wedding photographers Period! We were very fortunate to have Snapsoul and their team cover our wedding right from the pre wedding shoot to all our wedding functions. And what a wonderful experience it was!!! We were both put to ease by Aditya and Rashi through out. They were extremely punctual, highly professional and non intrusive. They were most patient when it came to editing the videos where other photographers would have just brushed aside our incessant suggestions, some very late in the night. Though we started out as their clients, our equation has blossomed into a life long friendship. We cannot recommend them enough!

Nanki & Ishaan

We hired Snapsoul for our wedding photography in December 2022. Rashi and Aditya (and ofcourse their wonderful team) beautifully captured the essence of our love story throughout our functions. Their talent and dedication left us speechless. From the first meeting, they made us feel like old friends, creating a comfortable atmosphere that allowed us to be ourselves. Their attention to detail and ability to capture the most precious moments was truly remarkable. Every glance, every laugh, and every tear of joy was artfully preserved in their photographs. Their talent and personal touch will create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Niharika & Puneet

I was planning my wedding remotely and the real challenge to find the perfect photographer team for my photo crazy family was a big task that was ahead of me. After speaking to Rashi a few times, the first thing that struck me was the immensely flexible attitude – soft spoken, the ability to understand the needs and requirements from my end really stood out! We struck the deal almost a year in advance of the wedding and I think that was the best decision I took! The team arrived to the venue timely (Early!!!) and also met us (the couple) and it all just instantly clicked. exactly how we envisioned. Working with them was a dream and we were just awestruck with the outcome… it completely exceeded our expectations and blew us away! lastly, thank you for constantly being open to feedback to fine tune the videos and capturing the moments so beautifully!! LOVE YOU GUYS and I think we found friends for life:)

Ritika & Divij

Aditya and Rashi made sure I felt like a bride, not just during the functions but also during the preps. Both of them have been just a call away for any query and gave a blunt review of their experiences to both side of the parents, which helped us learn from other people’s mistakes. Our wedding functions turned out to be flawless and the pictures have come out just outstanding. From make up artist to wedding venues and to making sure I get all the pictures of my engagement for the US visa for my honeymoon on time, they helped us in everything and and gave their suggestions as to how the pictures will turn out the best. By the end of the wedding, Aditya, Rashi and their team became family to us. PS:- To all the future brides- Aditya & Rashi can be the best bridesmaids a bride can have during the functions <3


Vasundhara & Sahil

So lets start with how I met them, being in the fashion industry I met Aditya on a photoshoot where I was doing the styling,  Ill be honest when it came to planning the wedding the minute I called Adi and we met, it was like everything fell into place. Their confidence is their work, their support and their unwavering friendship was one of the things that got me through all the tough days. Its taken me awhile to write this because Ok lets talk about their work ethic – they were before time, super professional, did not step on anyones toes and man the images were beyond gorgeous !!! BRIDES TODAY printed my wedding because of them. The video is so mind blowing that I still havent wrapped my head around it. I have no words really to describe the kind of people they are. For me, they were friends and now are family.

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