We specialise in contemporary (candid) wedding and lifestyle photography and work hard to provide for you enduring memories that are genuine, touching, enjoyable, and that allow you to repeatedly relive your special day. Moreover, we provide wedding cinematography.We conduct portrait sessions, prewedding sessions, maternity and newborn sessions, as well as fashion and editorial work,as part of our lifestyle shoots.

Over the years, we have created our own distinctive aesthetic that can be characterised as a fusion of photojournalistic, contemporary, fine art, and candid wedding photography. We consider how to best express your tale using our artistic vision based on the circumstance and the atmosphere. We capture casual photos as well as some stunning staged shots of the newlyweds and their immediate family to give viewers a complete picture of the wedding celebrations.

Yes, we also provide wedding cinematography services. Additionally, our clients and fans seem to enjoy our wedding films.

From the moment the bride and groom are getting ready until the wedding celebrations are done, we film them. For instance, in a wedding, this would include pictures of the bride and groom getting ready, their individual and joint portraits, pictures of their close family members, pictures of the guests who actively participate in the wedding, and pictures of all the ceremonies and rituals taken in creative close-ups and documentary wide angle. Additionally, we will take into account any specific photos the client needs, and we will make every effort to obtain them all. But when planning a wedding, one must also take into account potential unforeseen circumstances.

Traditional group and family photos of all the visitors are mostly out of our purview because we specialise in artistic photography. We don’t mind taking a few shots of the immediate family, though. We wouldn’t be able to cover every guest due to logistical issues. Thus, we usually concentrate on a small number of people who are actively participating in the wedding and capture their candid photos. By doing this, we make sure that our time is well spent and that we take original risks rather than routine ones.

Although we don’t shoot traditional photos and videos, we do have connections with independent traditional photo and video teams that get along with us. We carefully selected these teams, and we get along well with them. We are happy to provide a sample of the work they have previously completed for us. We can serve as a one-stop shop in this way.

Our rates for wedding photography begin at INR 1,25,000 for a day (8 hours of on-location work per day), and INR 1,00,000 and up for wedding cinematography. Pre-Wedding Shoots start at 30,000 INR with us. The costs vary according to the kind and length of the shoot. Send us a note through our Contact page with the location, nature, and length of the event(s) so we can send you a list of available Packages!

Our packages are customised for every client, please reach out and we will make it happen

To reserve the day, we ask for a 50% initial deposit; the remaining balance is due on the day of the shoot or event. Only after the last payment has been made will the photographs and video start to be post-processed.

We reserve the right to hold back all of the deliverables until the whole amount is paid.

We typically begin booking dates six months in advance; for planning purposes, early booking is encouraged. It’s always important to double-check our availability because we can be open even up to a week before your wedding.

We shoot outside of Delhi a lot of the time. We enjoy travelling a lot, so it’s great for us! We often ask the clients to cover the cost of the airfare, airport transfers, ground transportation, and lodging for shoots taking place outside of Delhi.

Additionally, we are willing to make independent reservations that will be charged to the final payment.

We can, yes. In order to tell your narrative as effectively as possible, we like to cover events in their entirety, but you are free to choose the length of our stay based on your budget. Let’s see what we can achieve if you send us a message through the Contact Me page!

Without a doubt! Above all things, doing this will guarantee that you obtain the pictures you want. Aside from being a crucial component of a wedding celebration, photography is also an art. Time is of the importance and cannot be rushed when making art. The more time you can offer us, the more beautiful bridal and couple portraits we’ll be able to capture.

We edit and produce a 30-40 minute cinematic highlights movie and a shorter “Teaser” video, depending on the length of the hire (please refer to the quote for the precise time as per the package chosen). Short films offer a more insightful viewpoint and present a complex narrative in a captivating way. We document the entire affair and edit it into a lovely short narrative that perfectly encapsulates the personalities of the happy couple, their families, and the wedding. To view a longer video

A Premium photo-book is included in each of our premium wedding packages. Additionally, you can order more books for a fee. Click here for more details on the many album types we provide.

You can expect your final images and the wedding film in about 10-12 weeks. Though there might be slight delays during peak seasons. Conversely, sometimes we deliver early. On request, we can deliver a sneak peek of the images within a few weeks. To ensure the quality of the deliverables is top-notch, we put in a great amount of effort and quality costs time. The album is designed once the client chooses the images for the album from the full set of delivered processed images. The design process takes about a week. We, then, share the photo book layouts with the client, who is allowed up to two rounds of revision. Once the design is approved, the printing, binding, and shipping process takes at least further two weeks.

we will upload our photos to social media platforms and our website, and we might even enter these photos in contests and magazine articles. You may be sure that these pictures will only be used to advertise our work and not for any commercial gain. Because we only get more business when we promote our current work, we charge an additional 25% of the total fee if you do not want us to publish the photographs on our website. This cannot be negotiated. You, a potential client, would not have been able to identify and employ us if we had been unable to do so. It’s only right that everyone else who could hire us can witness the quality of the work we produce at your wedding.   

Couple sessions might be formal or casual. We can recommend outfits and venues based on your preferences so that we can create the appearance you want. It’s a very excellent method for the couple to get to know one another, for you to get to know us and vice versa. This is why we recommend pre-wedding sessions to our clients. Additionally, since you are already comfortable with us, it guarantees that you won’t become camera-shy on your special day! Win-win situation! Last but not least, it is ideal to have this shoot completed at least one month before your wedding.

We also provide entertaining “Save the Date” films and pre-wedding videos.

Please don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have any more inquiries. You may also stop by our Marathahalli office for a consultation; just make sure to give us a call first to make sure we won’t be away on a shoot. We’d love to speak with you.

I kindly ask all of our customers: All of our customers are considered friends of ours, and some are even family. While we work to make your wedding special, we ask that you show us the same respect.

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