8 Things to Know What Goes in Planning a Perfect Udaipur Destination Wedding


Udaipur, also known as the city of lakes in India needs no introduction to explain what a beautiful place it makes for a destination wedding. The palaces, lakes and the rich heritage all add to the beauty of the destination. Surrounded by the Aravali hills, this is a great place to have your wedding.

However, there are a few things that must be done right in order to make a destination wedding at Udaipur a memorable day for the couple.


1. Check for any photography restrictions- Photographs are obviously a must for the couple’s big day, however, some palaces or heritage properties in Udaipur might not allow access to photography inside them. Make sure that you chose a place that allows photography. Make arrangements for any permission that needs to be taken for photography so that there is no fuss or hassle at the last moment or during the wedding ceremony.


2. Book the venue and travel tickets well in advance- Wedding destination needs to be booked months in prior to avoid any last moment problems. A correct number of hotel rooms and travel tickets should be arranged so that all your dear ones can join you in celebrating your destination wedding in Udaipur.


3. Check the weather- Weather in Udaipur can get really warm during summers and it can get really cold in the winters, be sure to check the weather before you book your venue in Udaipur, if it’s going to be warm then plan the ceremony inside. If you think it’s going to be pleasant, then go ahead with an outdoor wedding ceremony.



4. Take advantage of the beauty of the place- Udaipur is known to have several lakes and heritage properties, to make the wedding more beautiful, make sure that you plan at least one of the wedding ceremonies near a lake or in a fort/palace.



5. Make sure that you arrange for a photographer- You can pick your favourite photographer and tell them the dates of the ceremony so that they know where to be and when. A photographer is extremely important at a wedding so that he/she is able to capture all the moments. These moments will become memories for you, so be sure that your photographer is well informed about the destination, venues and the time.


6. Pick the best hair and makeup artist- Make sure that you take your favourite hairstylist and makeup artist to Udaipur with you, or book for the same in Udaipur itself. It’s going to be your big day and you want to look nothing but the best.


7. Do some research on where you want the photo-shoots to be: You can either plan this by yourself or you can even ask the photographer for a few ideas. With their caliber and professional experience, they will be able to tell you what will look good or which place to go to or even what to wear to match the location.


8. Include the local tradition- While in Udaipur for your wedding; you must explore their customs and traditions. You can serve the authentic Rajasthani food or play the local folk music. Udaipur has several talented artists who can make your big day even special.

Written By - snapsoul on 16 Jul, 2019


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