You'll regret if you don't do these 5 Things at your Wedding Day!!

A wedding day is one the most important day in someone’s life. And apart from its many aspects, the main reason for this is the bride and the groom leave their old life and start a new life together as a couple. And as this day is so important we should our best to make it extra special. But often at events like these, we miss out on things and later regret not doing them. But as it’s one’s wedding day we are talking about, we are here to help you with a few things that you should do on your wedding day to make the day even more memorable. So here are some pointers for you soon to be married people out there.

1. Go with the flow

A wedding day holds great significance. And on exceptional days like these, we should not hold back from doing things that we want to. We should try to go with the flow. People often not follow this and try to be reserved on their wedding day and this is not a good act if you want to remember this day for years to come. And if you simply don't do what your heart tells you, you’ll surely regret thinking about it in the future.


2. Share a dance with your partner

Your partner is the person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Hence, your focus should be on him/her. And the whole point of this is making your wedding day special. And what can be more special than sharing a dance with your loved one? Its moments like these that help the bride and groom make their chemistry stronger. We don’t come across moments like these in our lives regularly. So if you choose not to do it or play the shy card to get out of it, you’ll again regret it later.



3. Enjoy the small moments

Weddings are full of these small moments that make the day special as a whole. And we should live these moments to the fullest. We should cherish these times while we have the chance. A lot of times people are worried and nervous about their wedding days and its normal. But if you are just going to think about how things are going to be and how everything should run smoothly, you are going to miss out on the fun part of your wedding.


4. Shake a leg with your gang

Weddings are not going to be near as fun without your friends and siblings. And sometimes they also prepare for special dance performances for the bride and groom. But what makes the moment even more special is shaking a leg alongside all your friends and siblings. And as you all belong to the same generations you vibe with them perfectly.



5. Get a separate Photoshoot done with your partner

As said before your main focus should be on your partner. And the special moments that you share with your partner should be captured by a photographer so that you can keep those moments with you for the years to come. And when it comes to capturing you and your partner at your wedding you just don't want a wedding photographer, but the Best Wedding Photographer.


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Written By - snapsoul on 22 Oct, 2019


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