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A wedding is one of the most sacred occasions of our life that we celebrate with utmost enthusiasm and perfection among our loved ones, family member, and friends. Every wedding has its style, theme, and nature of the presentation. People want to make this day a great day, a memorable one throughout their lives. Mostly couples who are getting married are much worried about the event, yearning to get everything perfect and accurate. They choose the style, theme, and location of the wedding, wanting to make the event exuberant and impactful. 

A wedding is a celebration of the two people coming together for life, making commitments to support each other in times of happiness and despair, from the day of commitment to the last day of their life. Weddings in India are more than a celebration. Due to the cultural and traditional diversity of the country, Indians celebrate weddings like festivals that go on for days, involving several traditional rituals and religious rites. 

The fashion for celebrating the wedding has changed over time with new trends becoming more and more popular, exquisite styles, themes, and destinations have made weddings high-spirited and fashionable. 

The theme is the most important element of the wedding, chosen based on the tradition of their family and the couple's fantasies. There are various themes, which set the tone of your wedding celebration. Here are some of the popular themes that are chosen to make the wedding elegant and memorable. 


- Beach Wedding

Since it is the most important day in the life of a couple, they choose the most loved and exotic place to get married. The trend of choosing beach weddings is quite popular in India, with romantic couples throng to the beaches to tie the knot for life. Along the seashore embedded with palm trees, the cool breezes, and the playful sound of water waves make the wedding even more romantic. Indian beaches are quite famous for wedding ceremonies, which include beaches of Goa, Kerala, Lakshwadeep, and Andaman. 

- Flower Wedding

Rich in the natural beauty and picturesque locales, India is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Most of the couples who are attracted to the floral themes tend to choose the Flower wedding for their wedding ceremony. The aura of flowers, showering of petals, and the color festoons the wedding venue colourful. 

- Traditional Theme

Most of the couples celebrate their wedding in the traditional style, involving religious and traditional rituals. This theme is mostly chosen for an arranged marriage. It remains the most preferred style to enter into the sacred matrimony. There are several criteria that come into being while choosing this theme for the wedding ceremony in India, which are religion, caste, culture, horoscope, and so on. 

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