Schweta and Shavin: A Miracle Starts With a Beat of a Heart

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Since so many years weddings in India have been the most joyous celebration of love. From parents to relatives, everyone just wishes to be a part of this beautiful love journey of the couple and make it more worth. In recent times, weddings have just evolved as more and more personal affairs rather than an extravagant one. As a result destination weddings have become a popular concept. Now, with destination weddings being so popular and personal, couples want everything in utter perfection. And as a leading destination wedding photographer in India, we try to capture weddings in the most beautiful way. Keeping a sharp focus on the details, we always make sure that our clicks can be the best collection of memories that can be cherished for years to come. Being a destination wedding photographer in India for years, we have covered so many events in so many exotic locations of the world and today we are here to talk about one such favourite wedding that we captured in Tijara Fort. So, hold on to your breaths as we are going to present to you one of our favourite destination wedding of recent times.


destination wedding photographer


Schweta and Shavin, a perfectly normal working colleagues who magically met one day and fell in love with each other planned to get married in a destination wedding setup. So, they called us to cover their beautiful love journey and we were as usual really excited we as a destination wedding photographer in India, always hunt for opportunities that give us a chance to go super innovative with our captures and this wedding was surely going to be one such opportunity. So, without further thoughts, we grabbed our bags and were all set to capture this beautiful destination wedding of Tijara Fort, Rajasthan. 


destination wedding photographer


Joining the love celebration

This four-day function happened in the beautiful Tijara Fort Palace of Rajasthan. The pre-wedding celebrations started with an amazing Cocktail and lunch setup. With so many guests attending the function from all around the world, the couple made sure that the whole wedding is in traditional style. To give the wedding pure traditional feels, the whole wedding decor and setup was planned with traditional vibes. With such amazing decor set up and royal vibe, the work of us being a destination wedding photographer in India becomes super interesting and amazing.


destination wedding photographer


The colourful mehendi celebration

These days mehendi celebration has become the talk of the town as its the mehendi captures that gets the most likes on Instagram and who wouldn’t like being an Instabride. So, as a destination wedding photographer in India, we also try to click pictures in a way that they show the true beauty of the mehendi ceremony and would make the bride, an Insta-bride for sure.


destination wedding photographer


Rocking Sangeet

It is always said that simplicity is what brings the best in weddings which is exactly what happened with this wedding function as well. From it’s traditional feel to its royal aura, everything seemed to be perfectly magical.


destination wedding photographer



On a beautiful balmy morning, where everything was a little messy in the bridal room and everything in prep mode in the groom's room, we started our wedding cover at Tijara Fort Palace. The wedding started with perfect royal vibes of the afternoon followed by the Jaimala ceremony on the top of the stairs leading to the Hawa Mahal. We must agree on this that we really enjoyed capturing the beautiful sunset during the wedding ceremony. And right after that, the majestic lights of the Fort added to the charm of this wedding perfectly.


destination wedding photographer


From the couple

We enjoyed working the most with our photographers, Snapsoul. Aditya and Rashi as well as the team who were with us for 4 days were extremely professional and blended in perfectly with the family and friends. They even gave us some insider tips as to how things happen at weddings in India!



Written By - snapsoul on 21 Jun, 2019


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