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A Wedding is a most-awaited event in our life. Finding the best match for yourself who can live with you forever, share your feelings, time, and life. To be wed couples are, of course, excited to get married and to the beloved soul mate, and at the same time, they think about their fantasies to make their wedding ceremony a memorable one. The couples choose to schedule a pre wedding ceremony where they can spend some time together, know each other, and share amazing memories. A pre wedding photoshoot has made it possible for the couples to spend some quality time together before the marriage rather than just counting the days.

What is Pre wedding?

As the name suggests, a pre wedding ceremony is an event that is pre-planned and scheduled months or weeks before the wedding celebration of the couple. To be wed duets plan this event to get themselves captured alone and spend some time together to have fun. There are various activities scheduled for a pre wedding ceremony. It is either for a day or for several days to make the most out of the event. The activities involved in the pre wedding ceremony that couples select are either adventurous or romantic. These activities can vary from couple to couple, depending on their interests. Some of the popular activities for a pre wedding are riding, hiking, playing the favourite game, and so on.

A pre wedding ceremony is scheduled on a specific day at a specific location as per the choice of the couple. And there is a selected theme for the pre wedding ceremony.

Some of the most important themes are:

1. Romantic
2. Vintage
3. Whimsical
4. Rustic
5. Traditional
6. Bohemian
7. Natural and Celestial
8. Adventurous

What is pre wedding photography?

A pre wedding photography is a photoshoot of the couple who are expected to get married anytime from the scheduled pre wedding photoshoot. As the couples are involved in various fun-loving activities at the pre wedding, they want to capture themselves together, and while doing the activities. Based on the theme of the pre wedding ceremony, the couple chooses different outfits and locations to get themselves documented. A top pre wedding photographer is chosen to shoot the couple on the pre wedding photo session. The pre wedding photographer makes sure he captures every important element of the pre wedding ceremony and the activities that the couple enjoy during this session. To make these memories lively and memorable, they are captivated for life in the form of photographs. In modern times, young couples anticipating to get married intend to meet each other before they get married for life, unlike in traditional style where the couple could only meet after they marry. But a pre wedding has made it possible for the couples to have a get together before marrying for life.

Who is a pre wedding photographer?

A pre wedding photographer is a person who is expert at clicking pictures of the couple at a pre wedding ceremony. He is the person who is experienced and has covered several pre wedding and wedding ceremonies across the country and abroad. A pre wedding photographer is selected by the couple on the basis of his knowledge, experience, and services that he provides. The most important thing that differentiates a pre wedding photographer from the best pre wedding photographer is his style of capturing the pictures, which varies from one photographer to another.

What are the pre wedding photography styles?

There are several pre wedding styles that a photographer chooses to capture the pre wedding of the couple. The theme of the pre wedding is already planned between the couple and the photographer. Here are some of the most popular pre wedding styles that a photographer uses to capture the duet.

1. Traditional or Classic Photography
2. Contemporary Photography
3. Artistic Photography
4. Theme based Photography
5. Candid Photography
6. Reportage or Documentary

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