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The hot trends of a pre wedding photoshoot have changed the way people think about the pre planned shoot between the couples getting married. For some of the couples, a pre wedding shoot is a get-together, and for some, it is just to break the ice and start the new beginning of their new relationship. As most of the couples who are anticipating to get married consider having a pre wedding shoot at some exotic place with their partner, helping them to have some fun and perfect time together. On this pre wedding shoot, the couple hires the pre wedding photographer who clicks their pictures in different styles and different themes at various locations. 

If you are one of those anticipating to have a pre wedding, then you must read these 6 pre wedding photoshoot trends that you must try.

1. Vintage Style

Like no other style, Vintage is one of the most cherished styles that people love to have in their photo album. Its antiquity has attracted couples to this peculiar and straightforward style, which does not require any candid poses. You can also use vintage objects like car, hourglass, compass, etc to make it more real and enchanting. 

2. Art and Passion

Are you an artist yourself? Then isn't it the best idea to showcase your talent on your pre wedding shoot. Whether you are a book lover or a spray paint artist who is fond of messing up with walls, striving to make them look creative, a rider, or a climber, you can include your passions in the photoshoot. It will make your memories robust, vivid, and lively across your ages. 

Use props there are several ways to make your photoshoot informative and offbeat. You can use different props to make your photoshoot colourful and interesting

3. Smoke Bombs

Bombs? No No, do not panic, we ain't quelling couples here! Just trying to fire up your romance. Smoke Bombs are smoke canisters or a type of firework that helps you to set up the romantic mood of the environment using coloured smoke at a pre wedding and take some stunning pictures. It is one of the most trendy and creative ways to depict your emotions and make your background look informative.

4. Food

Food is your best friend, why don't you use have a shot while having a bite of your favourite food at your ideal place, isn't that a good idea to keep your memory living. While having food, you can get the most candid shots at your pre wedding photo session. 

5. Just you and your partner

Hop to a peaceful place along with your partner and get yourself clicked in the fresh air and amid the seclusion. You can get clicked against the backdrop of lush green trees, amidst the picturesque forests, against the sunset and horizon over your head or you and your partner amidst a romantic bridge with freshwater flowing underneath.

6. Just Black

Having classical shots in a proper gown and the formals is a bygone trend, while you are looking for some kissing styles, most of the couple just don black and get clicked romantically. Black has its charm and elegance, which makes your photo shoot elegant and sophisticated. 


Written By - snapsoul on 17 Dec, 2019


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