Nanki and Shorya || Delhi's Gorgeous Couple Wedded in Eternal Bliss

The beautiful couple had an amazing three-day wedding in South Delhi. From the Haldi ceremony and Mehndi ceremony to the ring ceremony, the simple on the couple's face did not fade away for even a second. 


The happiness shared by the couple and the family members lightened up the aura a the wedding, making it most stunning and relieving. 

The stunningly decorated venue and the mandap, the exiting aura, the charm and enthusiasm, and the excitement and happiness among the family members made the wedding a grand success. What added to its bewitchery was the stunningly gorgeous bride, who had donned different attires and wedding outfits across the wedding. The groom added equally to the wedding's enchantment, dressed in black and white formals on the ring ceremony, in kurta on Haldi ceremony and white sherwani on the day of the wedding.


The traditional rituals made the wedding even more enchanting. The wedding came to an end with the couple's emotional yet blissfull farewell. And Snapsoul had a big responsibility to cover this amazing wedding of Nanki and Shorya in Delhi. Our team of photographers who have a knack for the artistic and super candid style in capturing the weddings did extremely well in documenting their weddings forever. 

Full Event - Nanki and Shorya || Delhi's Gorgeous Couple Wedded in Eternal Bliss

Written By - snapsoul on 14 Nov, 2019


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