Girija and Amjad || Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Delhi

We at Snapsoul meet a lot of couples for their pre wedding, and wedding photoshoots. Girija and Amjad were one of them. The couple came to us looking for a Pre Wedding Photographer and how could we have said no to the adorable couple?

Social Media has really given a platform to these divergent wedding photography trends to shine. And Girija and Amjad surly had Social Media accounts. The couple was aware of all the popular trends. And they didn’t just want a simple pre wedding shoot from us. They wanted us to hear their interests and then incorporate those in the photoshoot. They also came up with the idea of getting a Candid Pre Wedding Photoshoot. We at Snapsoul have been in the business for some time so as Girija and Amjad were just telling us what all they were expecting from their Photoshoot we started planning how are we going to execute it.

We found out that the couple liked walking on the road, hand in hand so we surely decided to capture the moment with our cameras. The couple also loves sitting in cafes and chatting for hours. During the shoot we realized that Girija and Amjad were made for each other.

We at Snapsoul wish Girija and Amjad a fun-filled future together.

And if you are a couple who is looking for a pre wedding, wedding or even candid wedding photographer, feel free to contact us on the given number below and we will be happy to convert those happy memories of yours into a wedding album.

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Written By - snapsoul on 24 Oct, 2019


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