Ginny & Tanveer || A Funky Family Wedding

Ginny & Tanveer was another sweet couple that came to us looking for the best wedding photographer and we are sure that we didn't disappoint them.

Usually, couples nowadays go for the Pre Wedding Photographer and Candid Wedding Photographer, but what Ginny & Tanveer wanted different was that we the Snapsoul team give our equal attention to their families.

We shot the couple and their families in the sun, and the results with the natural lighting were stunning.

And as the couple wanted, we shot all the family members, siblings and friends and we surely caught the vibe of the moment.

After the wedding, the couple also had a reception arranged.

We the Snapsoul team with the adorable couple a very happy married life.

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Written By - snapsoul on 18 Oct, 2019


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